A very unique piece. The long rectangle represents "the stages of the Buddha's enlightenment", the gems are different hues of jade, next to a large burgundy fresh water peal and a small Ohm medallion. All on a 30" chain for that perfect "long" piece. $172.00 SOLD OUT
5 Buddha's rest on a champagne ribbon of Titanium, our newest "chain". Very versatile in that the titanium ribbon can be shaped wide or thin. $165.00 SOLD OUT
 A wonderful strand of multi-hued freshwater pearls in white, grey and silvery blues. A classic, elegant piece which looks great for day or evening. The pearls have nice luster and are approx. 10 - 11mm in size. 17" $650 SOLD OUT
A perfect strand of pearls for those who look great in fall's gorgeous warm colors. Chocolate browns to carmel and bronze hues are to be found amongst these pearls. Each pearl strand varies to color. 10 - 11mm pearls. 17" $650 SOLD OUT

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