Our Moroccan inspired medallion on an 18" 14K gold-filled chain. The medallion has hand in-laid turquoise on both sides and is between 3/4" - 1" in diameter. It's a beautiful piece and gives the idea of "I've been traveling the world and picked this piece up while visiting Morrocco". Place on an 20" 14Kgf chain. Enjoy! $165.00 SOLD OUT
 A pear shaped faceted rutiliated quartz gem, measuring over one inch in length and over 1/2 inch in diameter with a clear taupe hue and striking threads of gold throughout. We've placed the pendant on 20 inches of hand wire-wraped champagne pearls. It's a gorgeous piece! Now Available! If you've been admiring this design, now is the time to order! Limited availability! Each gem is different and it's own unique look.
A simple chain with garnets and carnelian, just enough to pop some color into the day!.
The "Ohm" symbol necklace, 24K gold plated charm on 17" 14K gf chain with carnelian and garnets.

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