A calming, tranquil, Buddha framed in sterling silver and placed on a dark chocolate brown silk necklace adorned with golden pearls, carnelian, garnets and smokey quartz gems. The Buddha pendant measures 1" in length and 1/2" in width. $136.00 SOLD OUT
The 5 buddha pendant hand-stamped in copper and framed in sterling silver placed on a necklace of tiny peach pearls and adorned with the detail of a pink garnet - very feminine and truly beautiful. $142.00 SOLD OUT
 Our old-world Chinese Coin replica pendant placed on light brown silk thread adorned with brown and copper pearls, amazonite gems(green jade color)smokey quartz and garnets. The medallion is just over 3/4" in diameter.$125.00 SOLD OUT
 This is a "one of a kind" jen jane selection. The gem is called Rutilated Quartz, a clear gem with striking threads of gold running up the center and to the right. A mother nature masterpiece! We've placed the gem on a medium weight 17" 14Kgf chain. This piece is on display in the front window at our store! See page 6 for the symbolism of rutilated quartz. SOLD OUT

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