Tiny baby chartreuse pearls adorned with an 24K gold-plated Ohm medallion. The Ohm symbol is an aesthetic on it's own and translates to "Tranquility". It is written in Sanskrit, the oldest recorded literary language. Available on tiny blue pearls, the chartreuse color shown is sold out. Orders placed will be with tiny blue pearls.
 Tiny mother of pearl is handknotted on silk thread with a little bit of pink coral detail and adorned with a flower sterling silver pendant - with a bit of an island feel.
 This is a jen jane classic design. 20 little gems grace a medium weight 14k gold filled chain. A perfect chain to wear with, well....anything and everyday! They add just that splash of color to a navy suit or a white summer tee! Enjoy! 14K gold filled chain.
 This is an old-world Lotus Blossom hand stamped on a 24K gold-plated medallion. We've placed it on silk a very light pinky-beige thread and adorned this 20" necklace with pink coral, baby pink pearls and garnets. It's a beautiful piece and is available in any length, 16" - 24" upon request. SOLD OUT

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