A heart shaped faceted canary topaz pendant on a medium loop 14K gold filled chain with aquamarine, peridot and apatite gems. This one has lemon-lime colors, very clean. SOLD OUT
A heart shaped faceted lemony quartz pendant with light green hues, under an umbrella of firey cubic circonia's in Mexican fire opal, garnet, and yellow topaz colors - very fun! 14K gf chain. Available in 14K $359. SOLD OUT
Bright lemon quartz briolettes - very clear, very bright, nicely faceted under an umbrella of orange, red and yellow cz's which really make the piece "pop". 16" GF chain, adj, to 17". Shown here with matching earrings, $136. SOLD OUT
Three blue-hued cubic circonia briolettes, in sea green, turquoise and aquamarine. Very simple, very nice - like a cluster of little gems at the base of your neck! 16" SS chain. Currently SOLD OUT

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