A simple sterling silver oval chain.
 Our Floating Circle necklace - Here is a light necklace that is so simple, yet beautiful to wear, an understated, simple design. Each circle is hand-made in sterling silver and placed on a fine sterling chain. The circle is an ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, and the goddess - feminine spirit and power. 17" chain. The small circle is 3/8" in diameter and the medium circle is 1/2" in diameter. Small show here.
17" small circle
17"medium circle
 Free Bird: Our very popular swallow bird necklace shown here with a blue topaz gem. In parts of Europe it is considered an omen of good luck and a harbinger of spring. To us it is "one who soars free, above it all". Sterling Silver, or 14K gold plate bird on 14K gold-filled chain.
17" 14kgp
17" SS
A simple flower bud in sterling silver! Enjoy!

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