From our hand-crocheted silk collection - a simple sterling leaf on light green silk, simple and carefree. The single leaf represents "renewed life". One can always begin a new life, each and every day. Each day you can do something to achieve your goals or make a simple change! This piece represents doing something new, doing something different that has a positive result! $145.00 SOLD OUT
 Our most popular Ohm medallion measures 5/8" in diameter, not too big, not too small, delicate and aesthetic - written in Sanskrit, the oldest literary language. Plated in 24K gold with a matte finish and placed on a rich brown crocheted silk necklace with gold bead detail. Our most popular design from our crocheted silk collection.
From our Crocheted Silk Collection - Our Tree of Life, all positive actions help all other dynamics of life to bring about beauty, health and happiness! This medallion is Sterling plated in 24K gold with a matte finish. Delicately placed on rich brown hand-crocheted silk renders a beautiful communication of self and the positive actions one takes in life to help self
A serene Buddha rests gently in our hand crocheted silk necklace with 14k gold-filled bead detail. Old world and equally elegant. $145.00 SOLD OUT -

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