A single Lotus Petal, representing blooming in life - ultimately knowledge of self and life. It has a bright white one point diamond in the center of the petal. 24K gold plated on a 17" 14K gold-filled chain
 A simple textured and oh so very light circle. A little something that is simply different. The texture refracts the sunlight beautifully and is actually a nice "bright" piece in the sunlight! 17" 14K gold-filled chain. SOLD OUT
 Our contemporary version of the Lotus Bloom, which means "to Bloom in Life - become more yourself" and ultimately translates to "knowledge" (of self, life, etc..) A beautiful aesthetic that can be worn every day! 24K gold-plated pendant measures a bit under 1/2" in diameter. Feminine and delicate medallion on a 17" 14K gold-filled chain.
Floating Circle Necklace - The most popular "little something" selection of our jewelry line. This is a tiny handmade circle, each one is slightly different, 24K gold plated, appears to float on a fine 16" 14K gold-filled chain. Available in any length.

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