These are samples of our itty-bitty pearl necklaces, all 16 - 17" with tiny charms. Different,simple and very pretty. The pearls come in lavendar, turquoise, blue, pink and orange. Specify Charm and Pearl color in your order instructions.
 Itty-Bitty green pearls with a 24k gold plate Buddha. We are sold out of the green pearls but you can order this item in blue, lavendar or pink pearls, specify color in your order.
Our 17th Century Replica Coin Medallion on a medium weight chain. On the front the coin has a cross type image while the back dons the crown. Very elegant with an old world feel. The Medallion measures a little over an inch in diameter. The chain weight is the perfect balance for this piece!
 A simply gorgeous necklace of 10mm - 11mm pearls. Pearls are all hand-picked and knotted on silk thread. Elegant 14K white plated CZ studded sterling ball clasp. Note: the hues of the pearls vary from necklace to necklace, the balance, placement individually chosen by designer.

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