Contemporary sterling silver tree of life on a sterling silver chain. The leaves naturally combine with the circle suggesting growth within. Available in sterling silver and 24k gold plate (over sterling silver). 17"
This is a one of a kind, rutilated quartz pendant that measures 1/2" in length with gorgeous carmel and copper colors in the threads that run vertically through the gem. 17" chain. SOLD OUT
 Our Moroccan Medallion on a medium weight flat oval chain. The medallion is hand made in Nepal with incredible detail as each piece of turquoise is hand in-laid. Currently available in a different brass inlay design! $175.00 SOLD OUT
Our floating circle necklaces shown here in the small and medium. Each circle is hand-made in sterling silver and plated in 24K gold, on a fine 14k gold filled chain. An understated, simple design .The circle is an ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, and the goddess - feminine spirit and power. 17" fine 14K gold filled chain. The small circle is 3/8" in diameter and the medium circle is 1/2" in diameter.
17" medium circle

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